Smoke Detectors are provided at no cost. We will install smoke detectors for residents inside the city limits of Madisonville


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Burn permits are required in the city limits of Madisonville. If you need a burn permit please call our office

423-442-2212. We will come out where you will be burning at and do an inspection and issue a burn permit.

There may be times when a burn ban will be in effect and we will not be able to issue permits. Please have           

brush and wood piled when you call for a permit. We will only permit brush that was cut on the property and

natural untreated wood products. Campfires are permitted without a permit as long as they are contained in a

fire pit. For Burn Permits outside the city limits please call the TN Division of foresty at 423-442-7401  or

the states website

Below is the state guidelines for open burning.

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